Reparatie aanvraag

Heeft u een probleem met een geleverd product en wilt u een nieuw klachtgeval melden, klik dan hier. U ontvangt dan een RMA-nummer.

Status opvragen

Als u al een probleem hebt gemeld en u hebt uw RMA-nummer ontvangen, klik dan hier om de status van de klacht te bekijken.

It is annoying when your product no longer works (properly).
If the purchase date is less than 2 years ago, in most cases you have a guarantee.
We can then repair the product free of charge.
If repair is not possible, in some cases we will replace it with a new product.
Only products purchased from certified Commaxx resellers can be returned to us without intervention of the shop.
We reserve the right to refer you back to the shop of purchase if we cannot trace the origin of the product.
Warranty claims are only accepted upon presentation of a valid (copy) invoice with the purchase date of the product.
If it turns out that the defect falls outside the warranty, costs may be charged.

You do not need to send in the product yet. You will first receive a message from us.
Is your product not working (properly) anymore and would you like to have it repaired? That is possible! You can send it to us and we will repair it:

The costs are less than € 30 (incl VAT).
The repair procedure starts automatically. Upon return of the repaired product, you will receive an invoice with the costs.

The costs are more than € 30,- (incl. VAT)
You will be notified before the repair procedure starts. You will have the opportunity to agree to the repair. Upon return of the repaired product, you will receive an invoice with the costs.

You can also return the product unrepaired. This costs €17.50 excl. VAT (€21.18 incl. VAT).

You can also renounce the product, in which case we will destroy it. No costs will be charged for this.
Did you purchase the product(s) directly from us? Then you can!
If you purchased the product via a distributor, please contact your distributor for warranty processing.

Through the link below you can register yourself and apply for repairs:

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